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The Cast of EndCycle:

A hunter, a hero and a bunch of keyboard players. The world of EndCycle VS is full of colorful characters!

<= Rozu =>

Rozu from the Noise tribe is an expert in eliminating Noises of all kinds. He tries to keep the roads of Anikka safe, by maintaining their security systems and fighting any Noise that comes close to human areas. Rozu has been travelling alone for a while now, and leaps at every chance of human interaction.

<= Spark =>

Spark is an energetic young lady, that loves voxel duelling. She doesn’t have a job or an education, instead opting to take part in monthly tournaments to get herself through the month. In her free time she likes to fight crime as a vigilante - it gets her mind off of things.

<= Del =>

The mysterious leader of Azure Shield. She has been programming and engineering since childhood. Her inventions made her one of the biggest tech giants in all of Anikka at only 14. Now she is following a new agenda. One she will do anything for to accomplish.

<= Azure Agents =>

The Azure Agents are the loyal forces of Azure Shield. To become an Azure Agent one must show a knack for battles and a sense for strategic thinking. The Agents travel across Anikka fulfilling missions in order to bring Delicia closer to her goals. They use their keyboards as Voxel Generators and do enjoy the occasional jam session.

<= Cress =>

The leader of Crimson Force is dead-set on stopping Azure Shield. Her hero-like demeanor and outfit are all for show, to get more people interested in joining her own organisation: Crimson Force. In reality she would love nothing more than to get as far away from any social interaction and bury herself in her archeology studies, together with several litres of coffee.

<= Crimson Punk =>

They used to be a beefy band of aimless outlaws, travelling from city to city beating up everyone in their way. That is, until Cress found them and fought her way through their ranks. Now the Crimson Punks look up to their "big sister" Cress, following her every command and fighting for her cause. Their outfits aren't uniforms, but whoever joins them is soon inspired to immitate the charming look!

<= Fin =>

Fin lives in the cozy Everod, where he is taking care of his brother Adaml. He studies hard everyday in order to get accepted to the Ambervale Univercity - A whole city dedicated to science. However after Spark explodes into his life, everything changes…

The Noises of Anikka:

EndCycle's world is full of weird beings called "Noises". These are a mish mash of random excess data produced by human devices that manifested into the physical realm...

<= Greed =>

Slimy, curious and mean. Greed consist of mash-upped data from ghost archives, and spinach recipes. Greeds love sucking out their victim's energy to keep their bodies nutritious and green.

<= Bombarbara =>

Really aggressive hyperactive beings. They get depressed once they realize they’ll explode one day. Which usually causes them to detonate.

<= Alexsander =>

Imagine melting since the day you were born.

<= Sofa Sogood =>

Desperately craves human butts. Loves them in all forms and sizes so don’t feel complimented should it eats yours.

<= Q.T. (Quad Turret) =>

Quad Turrets, run around Annika disguised as humans. That disguise consists of a simple Post-it with a smiley drawn unto it. You wouldn’t believe how many Noise Hunters have fallen for this…

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