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EndCycle VS: Summer Fan Art Contest

The Contest comes to a close with quite some excitement!

We received a lot of great looking art, which warmed our hearts through the summer heat they were eminating! The fans got quite creative with how they showcased the cast in the summer, let's have another round of shoutouts to everyone who submitted art!

Cress relaxing on the beach! By ChibiCheesePuff

Two of our noises as humans, enjoying their summer! By Lucy_Draws69

A shitpost of Bombarbara by the beach. By SirHam

Fin and Spark sharing a sensual moment. By NinjaDash0318

Del with a stunning photoshoot by the beach! By Serapheneid

The cast having a great time at the beach! By Soruu

Rozu discovering what the noises are up to in their spare time! By Zeek

Del ready for battle! By Neon

Thank you again to everyone who participated! So without further ado, let's reveal the 3 artworks which we will be featuring in the "Fanworks" section inside the game:

As for the artists who will win a copy of EndCycle VS:

  • ChibiCheesePuff
  • NinjaDash0318
  • Serapheneid
  • Soruu
  • Zeek

We will be DMing the winners with their rewards!

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