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EndCycle VS: Halloween Art Contest

As the EndCycle Halloween Fan-Art Contest comes to a spooky end, so does the spooky season!

Our bones shook in fear as we saw these entries, so let's have another look at all the contestants:

Rozu making his bountyful escape from some ghosts! By CristianSemh

A witch by the name of Spark, be careful with the bombs...! By Dusk Wyvern

Fin with Cress and Del looming over him! By NinjaDash0318

An unsuspecting Fin.. hopefully that Fire-styled VOC will help! By Oran

A cute halloweeen themed logo for the game! By Dr.Tenma46 (from our discord!)

Cress dressed up as a ghost! ... That is just a costume right? By Serapheneid

Another round of applause to the participants! Here are the 3 artworks which are also featured in the "Fanworks" section in-game:

Furthermore, these artists will win a copy of EndCycle VS for their platform of choice:

  • NinjaDash0318
  • Serapheneid
  • Oran
  • Dusk Wyvern
  • Potato Salad

We will be messaging the winners with the rewards!

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